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Water quality analysis prices

We do not currently charge VAT.

Routine chemical and bacteriological   £143

Routine chemical                   £106

Routine bacteriological           £53

Coliforms/E.coli                       £27

TVC 22°C and 37°C                £15

Faecal streptococci                 £22

Legionella                               £56

Standard metals                      £55

Iron, manganese and pH         £37

Suitability for concrete             £60

Minimum charge                      £37

Discounts may be arranged for large numbers of similar examinations.

We are able to attend on site if required. The charge for this is £45 per hour, including travelling time, plus £0.46 per mile travelled.

Please send payment by cash or cheque with the samples and make cheques payable to Oakwater Laboratories.
Water quality analysis
water test
Unsure of the type of testing that you require? 
Please call Oakwater Laboratories for advice on water quality analysis
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