Water testing laboratory in Devon

If you have your own water supply from a well, spring or borehole, Oakwater Laboratories can provide laboratory analysis to assess the quality of the water you are drinking.

Our services

Girl drinking water
  • Provide chemical analysis and bacteriological examination facilities to establish suitability of private water supplies for domestic, farming, building construction, brewing and other uses.
  • Advise what treatment is necessary to bring water supply to an acceptable standard.
  • Investigate problems of discolouration, corrosion or complaint of taste/odour.
  • Examine ground waters, cellar waters and other ingress waters to identify sources.
  • Undertake water quality checks on hotels, nursing homes, swimming pools, bathing/showering facilities including legionella testing if required.
Mail: oakwaterlabs@gmail.com
Phone: 01392 882 321

Why choose Oakwater Laboratories?

Water checking
  • Completely independent - we don’t sell treatment equipment and we have no advantage from finding anything wrong with your water supply.
  • Able to draw on a wealth of experience and local knowledge gained from many years of working in the consultancy business.
  • Knowledgeable staff, well-trained to give advice and guidance following analysis.
  • No ties to local authorities or other water treatment professionals, but we do work closely with them to ensure the treatment processes you may require are satisfactory.
  • Our reports are readily understood and will enable you to approach water engineers with confidence.
Mail: oakwaterlabs@gmail.com
Phone: 01392 882 321
For more information on water testing in Devon, please call Oakwater Laboratories
01392 882 321
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